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Hull Number / Name
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Last date(s) known
* Contact Information
AO-1 USS Kanawha
  Norm Voehl 805-968-1888 or normvoehl@aol.com
    click here for ship photos
AO-4 USS Brazos
  No current contact available
AO-5  USS Neches
See AO-47
  See AO-47
AO-12 USS Ramapo
AO-13 USS Trinity
  Chaplain Ken Traxler, 216 W. Emerson St., Kalamazoo, MI 49001-2721
AO-15 USS Kaweah
Not Scheduled
  334-968-6880 or anixxx@gulftel.com
AO-18 USS Rapidan
  John Fulkerson 502-367-6670
AO-20 USS Sepulga
 Not available
AO-21 USS Tippecanoe
 Doyle J. Ragland ishkinashoba@yahoo.com 918-577-2688
AO-22 USS Cimarron
Sept. 21-24, 2017
Omaha, NE
 Ed Linhart (402) 896-8749 edcimao22@gmail.com
AO-23 USS Neosho
  Stevean Irving - 540-832-3307 or USSNeosho@msn.com
AO-24 USS Platte
May 24, 2014
San Antonio, TX
  Lynn Todd 918-227-1295 or slkarcare1@att.net
AO-25 USS Sabine
Oct 6-9, 2015
Wichita, KS
 Contact John Good - jjgood@cox.net - 316-283-3890 or 316-258-5389
(at the Comfort Suites Airport, 7515 W. Taft, Wichita, KS)
AO-26 USS Salamonie
April 22-26, 2015
Washington, DC
AO-27 USS Kaskaskia
Sept 27-Oct 1,2017
Three Rivers, MI
  Robert Crosbie 268-244-5474 or bcrosbie@voyager.net
AO-30 USS Chemung
Sept. 18-22, 2019
  Contact Mike Walsh at michaeljwalsh3@cox.net or 757-434-4030.
Combined with AO-62.  All AO's, AOG's, & AOE's welcome!
AO-32 USS Guadalupe
Sept. 18-22, 2019
  Contact Mike Walsh at michaeljwalsh3@cox.net or 757-434-4030.
Combined with AO's 30, 62 & 75.  All AO's, AOG's, & AOE's welcome!
AO-34 USS Chicopee
  Felix Meza 760-471-7757 or feemeza@cox.net
AO-35 USS Housatonic
Not Sheduled
 Eileen Dier Martress at em04dm68@verizon.net is looking for information on this ship
AO-36 USS Kennebec
Sept 18-21, 2019
S. Dakota
  Al Jensen - see website http://www.uss-kennebec.org/reunions.htm
for location details
AO-38 USS Winooski
  Looking for contact person/information
AO-39 USS Kankakee

Sept 9-17, 2014
Norfolk, VA

 Steve Metzler  828-349-9495 or ao39sec@aol.com
AO-40 USS Lackawanna
  L.D. Hawkins 337-824-3048 or hb@mohaveaz.com
AO-41 USS Mattaponi
May 5-9, 2011
Griffin, GA
 David Ford 835 Sumerset, TN,37803 865-983-4891 or
AO-42 Monongahela
June 13-17,2018
Pittsburgh, PA
Scott Anderson 757-620-0833  monongahela_Reunion@outlook.com
AO-43 USS Tappahannock
Oct.5-9, 2011
Branson, MO
 Philip Doss P.O. Box 338 Avinger, TX 75630 903-562-1410 Zigzagusn@aol.com
AO-47 USS Neches
Sept. 9-13, 2019
Charlottesville, VA
Johnny Hanlon johnnyhanlon@cox.net 1-918-760-7371
AO-48 USS Neosho
  540-832-3307 or USSNeosho@msn.com
AO-49 USS Suamico
  Orban Parker 816-257-5294 or Bob Sparling BSPARL1801@aol.com
AO-50 USS Tallulah
Not Scheduled
  Not Available
AO-51 USS Ashtabula
June 18-22, 2019
Dearfield, IL
  Paul Stein (608) 845-9311 ashtabula2019@gmail.com
AO-52 USS Cacapon
Sept 9-15, 2015
Kansas City, MO
  Rick Connell 847-209-0503 or rickconell100@yahoo.com
AO-53 USS Callente
Sept. 7-10, 2017
Portland, OR
  James "Tom" Rawlinson (317) 709-1111 rawlin50@sbcglobal.net
AO-54 USS Chikaskia
Sept 25-29,2019
Dearfield, IL
  Bob Grant 352-753-7552 or bobgrant1942@gmail.com or www.usschikaskiaao54.com
AO-55 USS Elokomin
Sept 23-27, 2019
Savannah, GA
  James Kuchinsky 570) 728-9002 nancyluk@verizon.net
AO-56 USS Aucilla
Apr 30-May 4, 2018
Melbourne, FL
  Contact: Antony Flynn 386-671-1988 or tyga11291@gmail.com
To be held at Double Tree Suites by Hilton 800-445-8667
All hands from any years are welcome along with family and/or friends!
AO-57 USS Marias
May 2012
Charlotte, NC
  Todd Gillette, 448 W Lancaster Rd, Freeport, IL 61032; Phone: 815-238-8369;  E-mail: mcaanreunion@yahoo.com
AO-58 USS Manatee
May 7-9, 2019
New Orleans, LA

  For complete information www.ussmanatee.org/reunion2019.html
or Chuck Finch (finch67@sbcglobal.net) (734) 721-1967

AO-59 USS Mississinewa
  Mike Mair mmair@centurylink.net
AO-60 USS Nantahala
Sept 29-Oct 4, 2019
Mobile, AL
 Darrell Mercie (507) 532-6042 darkit@chartermi.net
AO-61 USS Severn
Oct 1-5, 2019
Niagara Falls/Buffalo, NY
 Wayne Williams 1-570-675-3151 or beegdblu@aol.com
AO-62 USS Taluga
Sept. 18-22, 2019
  Contact Mike Walsh at michaeljwalsh3@cox.net or 757-434-4030.
Combined with AO-30.  All AO's welcome!
AO-63 USS Chipola
  541-258-7453 or fasteddy@funtx.com
AO-64 USS Tolovana
Sept 21-25, 2015
Long Beach, CA
  Joe Moore (714)    892-8025    joemoore2009@yahoo.com
AO-67 USS Cache
Not Scheduled
  Pete Triplett 815-633-0917
AO-68 US Chiwawa
Last Listed 2002
  Jon Strupp 763-571-4927 or j_strupp@hotmail.com
AO-69 USS Enoree

Sept30-Oct4, 2015
near Chicago, IL

 USS Enoree AO/TAO-69 - Hilton Lisle/Naperville, Lisle IL.
Contact Gaye Cline-Schooler 336-751-2777 sas1979@yadtel.net
AO-71 USS Neshanic
  Robert Sitzberger 3354 96th St, Milwalwaukee, WI 53227-4331
AO-72 USS Niobrara
No Information
  Not Available
AO-73 USS Millicima
No Information
  Not Available
AO-74 USS Saranac
  Charlie Kranias 717-677-9224 or charliek@superpa.net
AO-75 USS Saugatuck
Sept. 18-22, 2019
   Combined with AO-30 & AO-96.  All AO's welcome! (see our AO News page)
AO-76 USS Schuykill
No Information
 Frank R. Stewart (tatertoter83535@frontier.com) is looking fellow shipmates from the AO-76 for possible reunion.
AO-78 USS Chepachet
  Russell Darling 903-892-1924 or redarling@cableone.ne
AO-80 USS Escambia
  Virgil Grier 316-943-0526 or virjungrier@webtv.net
AO-81 USS Kennebago
  (*** see note below) L. Smith 920-494-1027 or Blackfly1@msn.com
AO-83 USS Mascoma
 A. Blake 774-328-8514 or windsongblake1@comcast.net (updated tel. number)
AO-84 USS Ocklawaha
  703-765-8819 or RAMSEEMAR@aol.com
AO-85 USS Pamanset
  George Seltzer 1-414-463-2894
AO-87 USS Sebec
No Information
  Not Available
AO-88 USS Tomahawk
  Not Available
AO-93 USS Soubarissen
Oct. 13-16, 2014
Nashville, TN
Tammy Beene 615-900-1230 or tammy@bestofnashvilletours.com
AO-94 USS Anacostia
  Charles Ellner 609-884-4509 or cholell@dandy.net
AO-96 USS Tamalpais Sept. 18-22, 2019
  inf Bob McBrayer 313-928-0398 or RMcBrayer@metroshores.net
Combined with AO-30.  All AO's welcome! (see our AO News page)
AO-97 USS Allagash
Sept30-Oct3, 2015
Mystic, CT
  Bob Palmer   (619) 334-4655   coolbob97@yahoo.com
AO-98 USS Caloosahatchee
Oct. 11-14, 2019
Miami, FL
  Mark Bienz 540-899-2974 or mbienz@aol.com
AO-99 USS Canisteo
Sept. 12-14, 2017
Canton, OH
  Mike Rodrigues at 330-492-6765 bmcmrodrigues@gmail.com
AO-100 USS Chuckawan
  Vic Schaefer 480-991-9771 or vsconsulting@aol.com
AO-105 USS Mispillion
April 11-15, 2016
Myrtle Beach, SC
 Jerry Maynard Combined reunion with AO-54 Chikaskia
AO-106 USS Navasota
March 3-5, 2014
Laughlin, NV

Jim Glaze 928-565-3577 or jaglaze@frontir.net - 2013 Reunion Contact

AO-107 USS Passummpsic
Oct 10-13, 2018
Branson, MO

AO-108 USS Pawcatuck
Apr. 27-30, 2017
Washington, DC
  Randy Mosley (803) 279-0692 rmosley@comcast.net
AO-109 USS Waccamaw
June 12-15, 2014
St. Louis, MO
  Norval (Mitch) Mitchell mitch0223@aol.com
AO-143 USS Neosho
Sept 26-29, 2013
Nashville, TN
AO-144 USS Mississinewa
Sept 13-16, 2018
Myrtle Beach, SC
 Don Ferricks (217) 670-2282 ddferricks@sbcglobal.net
A0-145 USS Hassayampa
Sept 10-12,2015
Albuquerque, NM

normanbarron@live.com or call 405-590-3717
AO-146 USS Kawishiwi
Sept. 5-7 , 2019
Salt Lake City, UT
  Evan Kline 385) 770-8390 evan.kline@park.edu
AO-147 USS Truckee
Sept 12-16, 2018
San Antonio, TX
 Mike Landers, (770) 926-6965 mlanders52@yahoo.com
1025 Rose Creek Dr. Ste. 620-389 Woodstock, GA 31089
AO-148 USS Ponchatoula
Sept 9-14, 2018
Kansas City, MO
 www.ussponchatoula.com/Reunion2012.html for info
AO-178 Monongahela
June 4-7,2020
New Orleans, LA
Jerry Miller (417)247-7744 jjmusn@aol.com
AO-179 USS Merrimack

Oct. 16-18, 2015
Charleston, SC

 Robert Williams (757) 479-2733 griswold5@verizon.net
AOE-3 USS Seattle
Oct. 3-7, 2018
San Antonio, TX
David Holton 704-698-5948 davidholton@gmail.com
Sacramento AOE 1
Camden AOE 2
Detroit AOE 4
Rainier AOE 7
New Orleans AOE 8
Apr 24-26, 2020
Atlantic City, NJ
Bill Weidner (610) 599-8936 ussdetroit@ptd.net
AOG-1 USS Patapsco
  Bill Waller 757-217-2356 or walerwn@wcbeach.com
AOG-5 USS Agawam
Oct. 17-21, 2011 Seattle, WA
 Richard Cypher 405-359-1513, or dcy47@aol.com
AOG-7 USS Elkhorn
 No Contact Info available at this time.
AOG-8 USS Genesee
Apr 29-May 3, 2019
Charleston, SC
 Bryan Bucci bfbucci@gmail.com
AOG-9 USS Kiswaukee
  Contact info not available
AOG-21 USS Sequatchie
  Contact info not available
AOG-50 USS Chewaucan
Sept. 18-22, 2018
Myrtle Beach, FL
   John (Ole) Olsen 630-323-1696 or Jlolsen1@comcast.net
AOG-55 USS Nespelen
May 5-9, 2013 Myrtle Beach, SC
Harry and Marge McKenzie 910-579-7348
AOG-56 USS Noxubee
Dec. 27-30, 2015
Washington, D.C.
  Dick Barber   (706) 540-3494  dicbarber@aol.com

* The contact information was for the last known dates supplied to us and may no longer be valid. It is up to the individual ship's reunion organizers to let us know if the contact information has changed. In some instances, older reunion contact information was included for informational purposes.

*** USS KENNEBAGO AO-81 Note: We know of no website for the Kennebago, but Dave Weisman,S1c served aboard AO-81 from 1943 to 1945.  Dave is looking forward to talking to those interestred in hearing about his naval experiences.  Call Dave in Wheeling, IL at 847-313-1042.  Contact Dave via his son, Burton, at mailto:biw@wavecable.com

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